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All Bras Are Proudly Handcrafted  in 

Who Are We?


Belle Lingeries Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2007 manufacturing leading women Lingeries under brand name Tweens, Souminie, Centra, Rajnie & Komli. Belle Lingeries has proficiency in manufacturing superior comfort & Fashion based Lingeries especially suitable for Indian conditions.

Why Will You Love Us?

Belle means beautiful and that is exactly what we offer, Beautiful Lingeries at excellent prices. Beautiful lingerie is now available in a fantastic range of sizes. We offer lingerie and cup-sized from A to H cup. Price is important to us; we understand that online shopping is about getting the perfect item at the right price and our team spends time looking for attractive lingerie offers.


 What Are We Offering?

An Extensive Catalogue: 150+ styles & many sizes to choose from! 

Our Self Crafted Brands

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